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What is Multi+ ?

Win more by boosting your winnings on multiple bets!

If you are betting on several outcomes at once, MULTI+ allows you to increase your profits by up to 50%.

The more events you combine in your multiple, the higher your MULTI+ boost will be!

Amount of events
Winning Bonus Multi+
  • 5 5%
  • 6 10%
  • 7 15%
  • 8 20%
  • 9 30%
  • 10 40%
  • 11 50%
  • 12 60%
  • 13+ 70%
  • ...
Amount of selected events
Increasing outcomeMulti+

How to use Multi+ ?

- Place a multiple bet with at least 5 events with the following symbol: Multi+

- Your potential profits increase automatically (we mark this under the information on the overall odds).

- If your multiple bet is correct, you will get an extra boost on your winnings!

The MULTI+ Bonus amount depends on the amount of selections added to the slip. For example if you combine 7 bets in a multiple, the bonus will be 15%.

Please note: only bets marked with the MULTI+ logo can be used for this promotion. Multi+

Example CouponMulti+

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